The Music of Carlos Barrientos

style of Carlos BarrientosBorn on 25th June, 1954 in Honduras, Central America; Carlos Barrientos is a renowned guitarist/artist/performer and composer residing in Fort Walton Beach, Florida currently. Not a lot of people know about this acclaimed guitarist who grew up in New Orleans. Carlos was an honors high school student. He holds two Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of New Orleans; BA in Spanish and a minor in French (1978) and BA in Composition with a minor in Guitar Performance (1984). He formally started his music studies at the National Music Conservatory in Guatemala. A recipient of an assistant Scholarship through the Centre for Music of the Americas, Barrientos is not only a musician but a teacher.

He has served in the capacity of an adjunct faculty at Gulf Coast Community College in Panama and a teaching assistant at Florida State University. He taught classical guitar at the former and Blues and Latin music performance styles at the later. Carlos Barrientos studied composition under Dr. Jerry Sieg and Dr. Roy Johnson. In 2003, classical guitar maestro Carlos Barbosa — Lima performed one of Carlso Barrientos pieces at the First Movement of his Second Guitar Sonata at the New York Premier at Carnegie Hall. Carlos Barrientos was among the audience. “On one hand I feel like I don’t deserve it, but on the other it is like a dream come true,” Barrientos said about the performance. “It is like watching your child go to prom for the first time and hoping everything goes well,” he added. One of his compositions; Si Tu Te Vas (If You Go Away) was part of the recording to promote The Everglades Trail.

In 2004, his Romance for Flute and Guitar ensemble was performed at the American Church in Paris as a World Premier by award winning duo; guitarist G. Saulter and flutist M. LaPorte. Carlos Barrientos has performed alongside music legends such as Debbie Reynolds, Herbie Mann and Donald Byrd. He has played incidental music for movie productions and been a lead on stage for the University of New Orleans production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. He has performed in guitar concerts with various Orchestra and groups most notably of higher institutions of education. Barrientos has also done honours convocation for Mr Ted Turner in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a guest performer and banjo player in the Albany State University Opera Porgy and Bess. Although a performer and composer of various genres of music, Carlos Barrientos started out as the band leader, guitarist and vocalist of the band Carlos and Friends. Carlos and Friends are the masters of Rockin’ Bloozy Groovedom. “I played with the finest most masterful musicians. Musicians, who could read it, write it, feel it and most importantly groove with it.” Carlos said about his band. It is safe to say today that Carlos Barrientos should be given credit for the invention of “Rockin’ Bloosy’ music.

Presently, Carlos Barrientos teaches at Okaloosa — Walton Community College in Florida and continues doing what he is good at; Music. Barrientos loves good food, single malt scotch, great cigars and breaking moral codes. “Albany- Classical guitarist Carlos Barrientos plucks out the music on his guitar, keeps the beat with his feet, and writes from his heart using influences from his Central American roots,” Elaine Armstrong, March 2003