Music and Fine Art, the Siamese Twins

Music ArtOne of the beautiful things about art, in general, is that, it is intertwined within itself. Not only is music intertwined with fine art, but that they have a lot of commonalities. Firstly, is that both music and art are byproducts of artistic imagination and creative power. Secondly, both are expressed, whether in public or privately, to appeal to people’s emotions or psyche. Thirdly, both are in form used as vehicles of social change especially by revolutionaries.

The imaginative and creative power

Both music and fine are byproducts of the imagination and the power to create content. Albert Einstein once made a comment to the effect that artists are also scientists. From Einstein’s perspective, music is a science. From Einstein’s comment, it is believed that creative thinking is stimulated. So, regardless of what stimulates the other, the power of imagining fine art is related to music production. At the same time, music needs art to be created. In deducing Einstein’s logic, it can be argued that fine artists need the power of music to imagine content. The truth of the matter is that; human beings are powerfully imaginative. Not only are musicians inspired by art to create, but also it does impact fine artists in a very special way.

The expression of music and art

More often than not, people are used to either listening to music or walking in an art gallery to watch beautiful paintings. Rarely do people want to experience both at the same time. However, music and art presented at the same time in the same venue bring out a fusion of beauty than has been experienced before. In O’Hare International Airport, one of the busiest international airports in the world is a good case study of the above claim. While moving from one concourse to another, travelers have to walk through a very long tunnel. The tunnel is beautifully equipped with brilliant art on the walls and on the floor. At the same time, some beautiful music is heard from unseen speakers. This combination relaxes tired passengers after long flights, as they make their connecting flights. What a beautiful peace presented together. In this case and many others, art helps present music and vise-versa.

Revolutionaries’ first love

History has it that, in most parts of the world, where leading revolutionaries led their countries to either political, economic or social freedom, music and art ware the tools used. For example, Jazz music originated primarily from Louisiana, which was a French colony until 1804 when it joined the union. The Creole fine art in conjunction with African American Smooth Jazz music formed New Orleans tapestry on which freedom was gotten. The Creole culture has to this day been expressed in art galleries, expressing how music was part and parcel of freedom fighting in Louisiana. The Black American like to express the hip-hop culture through hip-hop music concerning matters politics. Graffiti artists at the same time like to express the same message using fine art. When the two meet together, you have a loud message about revolution being sent out to masses.

Indeed- Music and art are like Siamese twins. They work hand in hand in various ways: in the way, they are created, presented and used. Music in concert with art is a jewel that this world need to heal.