A whole slew of guitar styles born from the Blues

guitar and blues ARock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Straight Blues Perhaps you've developed an interest in this powerful string instrument; guitar or you’ve had a fair play of it. Of many musical instruments, guitar seems to be the easiest to learn and yet the most difficult to master, but once a guitarist, always a guitarist.

The guitar can be used to play just about every song, and you probably know that that there are several types and classes of guitar, each having their distinguishing features and applications. Now, you would not just strike the guitar string the same way for every song; no you wouldn't. Every song fall under a class of music and so will require that you play with a style that soothes the music style in itself. Although, from an increasing number of styles and even some personal ones that aren't named, we have the Rock and Roll, Rhythm and blues and Straight Blues.

Blues, or if I'd say "straight blues" seem to be basic style from which other shoes were worked out. As simple as the word sounds though, the style isn't! The feeling and the tonality is just about in every song, in fact, a number of the types of blues can be made out. And the first recognized blue would be the country blues; here, we'd do well to imagine a person, say Robert Johnson or Son House sitting at the countryside and letting the blues flow from the guitar. A number of other types of blues are Memphis Blues, Chicago Blues, Texas Blues among many others. Popular songs of the blues style are In the groove by Barry Goldberg, Please don't be dead by Fantastic Negrito and Life in 12 bars by Eric Clapton.

Do you know Bo Diddley, whose real name was Ellas McDaniel?, well, the former was his stage name, and he holds the recognition of aiding the transition from Blues to Rock and Roll. And although he's late, the connection between the styles seem to stir us right in the face. And as we mentioned earlier, that blues seem to be the base of just about every other style. The construct however between the Blues and Rock and Roll is that while Blues, on one hand, tends towards mid and slow tempo and has a fish array of notes, Rock and Roll on the other hand usually involve strictly diatonic progression and narrative and straightforward. Another somewhat different is the prevalence of females in blues and males in Rock and Roll.

A number of songs of the Rock and Roll style are Three Days Grace- the mountain, Breaking Benjamin -Red cold River, Greta Van Fleet -High way tune, Muse -Thought Contagion, A Perfect Circle -Disillusioned, Seether -Betrayed and degraded. More like a better-developed version of Blues is the Rocks and Blues; R&B. However, while Blues is still based on the standard principle of the chord structure of the guitar R&B has tinted the Blues principles with vocals and pop-centred style of beat. So now we see that while these styles are distinct, they still have links between them.