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Florida's vibrant blue scene is one of the most happening in the country. Some of the nation's best blues clubs can be found in the state, from Bradford Blues Club in Tallahassee to BB King's in Orlando. Wherever you go in Florida you'll find characters with a passion for the blues, propping up the bar with a bourbon in one hand and a guitar in the other. Matter of fact, some of these characters are working to take modern blues to the masses.

Jack 'Whistlin' Wolf’ Wolf Lead Writer

Young Jack started out as a music student at USF in Tampa. His love of blues goes back to his grandaddy who was a promoter for blues and soul bands in the 60's and 70's. A talented guitarist, Jack has worked his way around the country looking to build his rep as a modern blues songwriter. His signature is his whistle (hence the nickname). While busking in downtown Tampa, he built up a friendship with fellow blues fan Bernie 'Lucky 7' Dietrich.

Bernie 'Lucky 7' Dietrich Editor/Writer

A native of NYC, Bernie found himself in Florida after jacking in his office job and heading to sunnier climes in the pursuit of the good life and great music. His size meant he was a great fit in stage security, working at events around the state. But his real passion lies in writing. After meeting 'Whistling Wolf', the two of them decided to build a magazine to bring showcase the blues talent in the Sunshine State.

Bobby 'Bo' Lachaise Contributor

Hailing from New Orleans, Bo played the trumpet for many blues and jazz bands over the years. Having retired, he moved to Florida after Katrina, partly to be closer to his grandkids but also to start a new life for himself. Bo still plays the trumpet, although more for fun than for any career aspirations. His in depth knowledge and his passion for blues means he makes an exceptional contributing writer.

Annabelle 'Hustlin' Annie’ Wilkins Reporter & Organizer

Annie grew up in the swamps of southern Florida, so blues is in her blood. While still a kid, she helped her pops setting up the local blues festival and became a fan of the music. Although she doesn't have a musical bone in her body, her enthusiasm for the scene means she loves to get involved in anything from setting up events to being the life and soul of the party. She also makes a mean key lime pie (her mom's secret recipe).

Florida Blues- So whenever you're in the state and you hear that blues music on the wind, chances are one of these fellas ain't far away. There's nothing like some real Florida blues, and the Sunshine State has some of the best places to go check it out, from bars to festivals. You'll find music festivals from St Petersburg to Boca Raton, especially in the spring months, so saddle up and get yourself down to the deep south. Either way be sure to drop us a message here just in case you want to get more info or add some ideas for upcoming stories.

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